Month: June 2021

Top Essential Fencing Tools for Every Homeowner

If you are a homeowner, you need to know all about Fencing. Fences not only keep your family safe and secure, but they also add to the value of your home. Fence installation is not something that should be taken lightly, which is why it’s important to have the right tools on hand. This blog post will provide an overview of five essential Fencing tools every homeowner should own!

Fencing pliers: Fences can be heavy, and the installation process is a time consuming one. Fence pliers help make those difficult jobs quicker and easier to handle. They are also great for bending wire mesh or removing staples from fencing panels.

Fence post driver: A Fence post driver makes driving posts into the ground much simpler than trying to hammer them in with your bare hands! The tools have an adjustable rod that allows you to set it at just the right depth before striking. You’ll find these drivers useful whether you’re installing new fences or repairing old ones as they work on both wood posts and metal stakes alike.

Fencing staple gun: Staple guns are primarily used during fence repairs but they’re also essential for installing chain-link fencing. Fence staple guns are available in two types: a regular hand-held model and one that’s mounted to the top of an electric drill.

Fencing contractor kit: It should go without saying that you need tools when doing any sort of job around the house but if you’re planning to do any Fencing repairs around your home then you need a Fence contractor kit. Your Fencing contractor kit should include everything from heavy-duty wire cutters and staples for the staple gun, spools of taut or barbed wire and fence posts.

Fence posts: The Fencing contractor kit also needs to come with the Fence posts or you can’t hold up your wire. Make sure that they are tall enough and sturdy enough for what you’re using them for, as not all Fence posts are created equal.

Fences tools: You will need a lot of different types of Fences tools such as pliers, a hammer (this is one tool where having two heads – flathead and Phillips head – is best), screwdrivers in various sizes and lengths, Wire cutters–not just any wire cutters but ones specifically designed to get through fencing wires so that you don’t have to constantly replace blades.

Electric fence charger: Another essential part of Fences is Fence chargers. Electric Fence charger are what you use to get your Fencing powered and at a level of voltage that’s safe for people and animals alike.

Fencing wire: Fencing Wire does come in different gauges, but the most common will be 12 gauge which is standard enough to keep just about anything out while being thin enough not to look unsightly on top of your posts or within your yard.

Wooden post covers: These little caps allow you to dress up those old wooden fence posts with style rather than having them exposed all year round. They’re also helpful if it rains often – they’ll help protect the wood from getting wet!

Everything we learned here, we learned from our friend Brian Tompkins at Blue Line Fence of Tyler, Texas. …